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Is it possible to be agender but a bit more masculinely or femininely inclined?


Hello anon, thanks for the question.

It’s definitely possible to be agender and present yourself as masculine or feminine. 

While many people think that agender automatically = androgynous, that isn’t the case. There are agender people who are androgynous but there are just as many who are feminine and just as many who are masculine and just as many who mix some combination of those things.

Agender people come in all forms of presentation, all sizes, all races, all everything. The expectation that we all fit the trope of thin, white, and androgynous is a false stereotype that erases all of us who don’t fit in to that bill and that can often be very hurtful at best and make a person feel confused and anxious about whether or not they’re really agender at worst.

You don’t have to dress or look a certain way to be agender. You just have to identify as it, and whether you do that in a suit or a dress or in nothing but striped socks, that’s still valid and you’re not any less agender because of it.


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